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Setting up a quick phone consultation: 

The quickest way to get information or for setting up an appointment is by filling out our intake form on this page and leaving a few times I can call you back for a quick consultation

  • To see if this work is appropriate for your symptoms,
  • Go over my rates for you or your child (which are different between mid-day, afternoon and evening).  This work may be covered by corporate flex spending plans, you may have to ask your work, but is not covered by medical insurance plans.
  • Find an initial session time.

You can also call Cranoisacral-East at 212.533.3689, but filling out my form will be much quicker, and insures your request won't get lost in voicemail.


Adult sessions are an hour, but often I go a bit over.  Please leave just a little extra time between your session and returning to work or next activity so you aren't overly rushed.  Also I urge clients to avoid caffeine the day of a session as much as possible, to help settle your nervous system while you are one the table.

The first session is longer, between 80-90 mins, at no extra charge so I can get a thorough history as well as table time.  Infant and Children's sessions are usually 50 mins depending on their age.

Office has a hydraulic table.

Location of Craniosacral-East

22 East 17th Street at the North West corner of Union Square Park and Union Square train station. 



"Such a relief to no longer have daily migraines."  Andrea M.    For more testimonials

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